Talk to your builder

If you’re thinking of renovating your property or purchasing a property requiring work in the first half of 2019. The time to talk to your builder is now, and not only to ensure you can book your slot with a busy and reputable firm.

While it’s tempting to hold off until the project is upon you and you want to start comparing specifics, and quotes, in particular, the initial conversations should begin now.


Significant renovation or refurbishment projects often take place over a fairly long period of time. Therefore, it’s important that your builder is someone you’re happy to have regular contact with, and the same goes for the team as a whole.

Whether you’re going to be living on site or not, you’ll want to know that your property (and possibly your new neighbours) are treated with respect. How can you know this in advance?

One of the benefits of talking to builders early is that you can see them in action ahead of time. Glossy pictures that show past works tell part of the story but seeing how a building firm operates day to day is where you get a clearer picture.

Do they provide their own facilities? If not, they’re going to be using yours, which is usually less than ideal! Do they observe Health & Safety rules and procedures? This is highly important because as the homeowner, you may have significant liability in the event of an accident.

This is something to bear in mind when talking to your shortlist of building firms. Adhering to Health & Safety and protecting staff and clients takes considerable investment. This can often be reflected in the pricing of reputable builders, and in our opinion, is more than worth it for the protection of the homeowner as well as pure peace of mind.

And all this is before seeing the evidence of successful projects, reviewing testimonials and references from satisfied clients, let alone comparing quotes!

Parker Home is now taking bookings from February and if you are in the planning stage of your property renovation or extension project, we’d love to hear from you.