warm home

A warm home is a happy home

Autumn is making its presence felt and temperatures are beginning to be both cooler and less predictable. This makes managing a warm home a little challenging.

We don’t want to waste money and most of us are very eco-aware these days. Therefore, we don’t want to leave the heating on all day and as we’ve done for years, we rely on a timer to bring on the heating before we get home.

However, if the temperature suddenly drops dramatically, and we’ve set the heating to ‘take the edge off’ a slight chill, we’re likely to be walking back into an uncomfortably cool home!

Or worse still, if you haven’t set the heating at all, you’re going to be working the boiler at full power to get some warmth back into a very cold house.

Now, we accept that this is still very much a first world problem!

And yet, we all like a warm home! There’s not much fun being cold, so wouldn’t it be nice to be able to turn your heating on, off, up and down at will, regardless of where you are?

Whether you’re about to leave the office or stuck in traffic on the bus, being able to talk to your heating system means you’re in complete control of this aspect of your home.

And if you have a change of plan and decide to out afterwork and not back until late? A few simple clicks on your phone you’ve reset the heating to suit your time of arrival.

The great news is that this level of automation goes way beyond having a warm home. From heating system management to window and blind opening, to remotely managing your appliances, today’s technology puts you in charge of your home – even when you’re elsewhere – like never before.

For a long time, home automation was regarded as something out of the movies. However, today it’s accessible to most people who want it.

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