After what has felt to many like an eternity, life as we knew it pre-Covid is on the verge of a return to normality. It’s been a long haul and even New Kitchen Completedthe weather has conspired to keep us indoors, with an unusually chilly spring this year!

14 months after the first lockdown, it’s fair to say that working at home combined with home schooling has turned many a family home into a war zone.

Day after day in the same place has given to casting a critical eye on every inch of our homes. The kitchen that’s suffering from obvious wear and tear. The bathroom that’s lost it’s shine and is looking rather outdated.

It’s also caused many to consider how they’re using their space. Oh, to have been able to use the wasted garage space to have a home office, or give flexibility and well, just more space. Garage conversions have never been as popular!

Garage Conversion - Garage Door Garage Conversion - Dinning Room 1

Being together 24/7 has been a prompt for a rush of calls from customers looking for ideas on how they can maximise the space within their homes.

Most homes can be extended in one form or another, as well as reconfigured. However, it’s really about what’s right for you.

Do you need more space for young children to play in? Or a separate area for teens, an office, gym or studio?

Do you see a time when multi-generational living may be a reality for your family, with an older relative requiring self-contained space within your home? If so, considerations around accessibility and a wetroom would make for a wise investment.



Does your home have the potential to extend upwards in the form of a loft conversion? Or does your plot lend itself to a more traditional one or two storey extension to your home?

Equally, if you need space but rather love your home just the way it is, could a flexible garden building be the answer?

Here you could enjoy an office, gym, studio, annexe, chill out zone for teens, a home cinema or a blend!

Garden Office - Parker Homes

As you can see, when it comes to maximising the space within your home, there are more questions than answers.

Parker Home has extensive experience of helping our customers to achieve amazing transformations to enhance the space within their homes and property. We’re also extremely well-versed in handing requirements for building regulations and planning permission so you don’t have to.

For more information or to discuss what might be possible for you and your home, contact us on 01284 386899, info@ or click here.