Outside lighting to keep you safe this winter

As the clocks go back this weekend, now is the perfect time to review your lighting in and around your home. Whether it’s outside lighting to help guide you to your door or security lighting to deter burglars, this article talks about lighting to keep you safe this winter.

We’re not just talking about crime of course. The fact is that most of us are far more likely to slip over in the dark than to fall victim to criminal acts such as burglary.

On gloomy days it will be dark for many of us by 4:30 pm and we’ll be getting a mere 8 or 9 hours of varying degrees of daylight. It makes sense then, to consider how to light your way effectively and inexpensively.

There’s nothing worse than driving home through a storm, all nice and toasty in your car, and then getting soaked between car and hallway! It’s happened to all of us, hasn’t it? We spend so long fumbling for keys in the dark that we’re wet through. So near, yet so far!

A simple sensor light outside your door that comes on as you approach allows for a speedy entrance, whilst enabling you to see visitors clearly from the inside.

It’s easy to assume that installing security lighting is expensive, when in fact it really needn’t be. Passive Infrared (PIR) lighting is highly affordable to purchase and to run.

LED is now the standard and when combined with movement sensors and timers, the running costs are pennies.

When you consider the potential costs involved with a fall and subsequent injury, not to mention the pure inconvenience, installing outside lighting really is a worthwhile investment.

The same is true in deterring potential intruders. Even with insurance in place, by the time you’ve dealt with excess payments, repairs, paperwork, and the inevitable clearing up, security lighting easily pays for itself in peace of mind alone!

It’s also worth considering using timers in your home to turn lights on and off at certain times (and changing these times frequently). A household with a regular routine and long empty spells is easy to spot and a very soft target.

The use of lighting changes can make a potential intruder think twice, in which case, it will be one of the simplest but best decisions you’ll have made.

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