VAT Exemption for Disability and Chronic Illness

In planning to future proof your home for your later years, or for disability, it can be a potentially expensive business. What many people don’t know is that there are many items that are covered by the government’s VAT exemption for disability. Those with chronic illnesses may also qualify for the VAT Exemption scheme.

For example, if you are planning to make changes to your bathroom to create space for a walking frame or a wheelchair, you will find that many items are VAT exempt.

With the current VAT rate at 20%, that represents quite a saving!

If you are disabled or suffering from a chronic illness, you may be able to take advantage of this saving. This benefit is not means tested and everyone who qualifies can make use of this significant saving.

As an example of changes required by many homeowners, most standard-sized bathrooms simply don’t have the space to cater for immobility issues, and the challenge is compounded if the bathroom is upstairs, without access to a stairlift.

An ideal solution for those with mobility issues is a wetroom, which can provide a range of options. From seats for the shower, to support rails, they can be designed around personal needs now and with the future in mind.

We often speak of converting garages to bathrooms, but it may also be possible to utilise another downstairs space if the need for a downstairs bathroom or wetroom arises.

Those that have been delaying starting a conversation for fear of cost, or simply not knowing what may be possible, are most welcome to get in touch.

Parker Home has a great deal of experience helping to convert homes to meet current and future old age and disability needs.

We can show you exactly what’s possible when it comes to making changes or improvements to your home. And of course, we are also able to advise as to what items may be exempt from VAT.

Parker Home will also take care of all the necessary paperwork with HMRC. You can simply enjoy your newly updated home!

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