UPVC Windows – The Benefits

When planning a renovation or refurbishment, you’ll often have a wide selection of window choices available. Included in this choice is of course Unplasticised Polyvinyl Chloride, better known as UPVC windows.

For many, this isn’t so much a consideration as a default option, and rightly so, for a great many reasons.

Interestingly, many people steer away from UPVC on the basis of looks. However, things have changed considerably in terms of what’s available. Also, by deciding against UPVC, they unwittingly incur greater costs, not only in the initial costs but in the long-term maintenance.

It’s also worth noting that the lack of up to date UPVC double glazed windows can often make the difference as to whether someone buys a house or not.

The benefits of UPVC windows as a new or replacement option are many. Here are just a few:

  • Energy Saving
    The insultation properties of UPVC retain heat in winter and keep you cool during the summer. If you’re both saving money and reducing your fuel bill, you have the added benefits of saving money, as well as reducing your carbon footprint.
  • Comfort
    High quality insulation and draft proofing will maintain temperatures within your home, regardless of the outside weather conditions. There’s nothing worse that putting the heating up to full and still feeling a draft wash over your feet is there?
  • Fire
    UPVC are far more fire resistant than their wooden and painted counterparts. Having on less thing to ignite in your home is no bad thing.
  • Condensation
    UPVC windows, with their high-performance insulation properties, ensure that the interior glass is much warmer than single pane windows. This means that condensation is less likely to develop, whilst also reducing the likelihood of damp and mould.
  • Cost
    UPVC windows are not expensive when compared to either aluminium or wooden options. This is especially true when taking into consideration the ongoing maintenance requirements of wood.
  • Noise
    The gap between the double-glazed units ensure lower noise pollution from outside. It also keeps inside noises in!
  • Durability
    Simply put, UPVC windows do not rot or warp.
  • Security
    Although aluminium would be considered the best in terms of security, UPVC is a very close second and certainly a better option then wood.
  • Appearance
    There is now an extensive range of styles and colours and looks available. Gone are the days where you can have any colour you like as long as it’s white! This gives you the opportunity to have exactly the right colour to fit with your home and wider environment. There are both contemporary and traditional, so even period properties can enjoy the benefits, whilst being sympathetic to the property’s style and character.
  • Maintenance
    This is one of the biggest benefits of UPVC windows. A wipe over with a wet cloth as opposed to sanding, planning, filling, painting, fighting with sash cords etc.!
  • Adding value and Increasing Saleability
    Changing or replacing windows is about more than cost. The time and the hassle factor come into play. If your property has up to date UPVC windows, it will be much more sought after than a similar property with single pane windows.

In summary, then, UPVC windows are more secure, enhance energy and money savings, improve appearance and comfort, whilst reducing maintenance time, effort and costs.

If you’re thinking of renovating your home or replacing your existing windows, we’ll be more than happy to advise.

Likewise, if you have UPVC windows installed and aren’t seeing the benefits as described above, there could be numerous reasons for this. Again, feel free to get in touch to discuss your needs.