curb appeal to sell your home faster

Tips to Maximise Curb Appeal (Part One)

As we approach Easter, many homeowners will be considering putting their properties on the market or starting the process of searching for new home. A lot of emphasis is placed on making the inside perfect, but the outside can often be overlooked. So, in this article we thought we’d offer a few tips to maximise curb appeal. In this first of two articles, we’re going to focus on what you don’t want!

But first, what is curb appeal? It’s the all-important first impression when someone arrives outside the property. Even with the best photos online, an unkempt exterior can prevent more people that you’d think from venturing inside.

You may even have done it yourself? You’ve arrived at a property for a viewing, or taken an advance drive-by, only to be so put off by what you’re seeing that you can’t bring yourself to do the viewing.

So, what are the things which are to be avoided if at all possible?

You don’t need to have a fresh coat of exterior paint and new fixtures and fittings to maximise curb appeal, although it will help!

Here’s what you really don’t want, unless you’re selling a property in need of renovation:

This is on the property itself. It’s also important to give some thought and attention to the front garden, or whatever outside space is between your potential buyer and your front door.

Things to avoid in this space are:


It’s also worth giving a thought to what else may be lurking as an unfortunate greeting to your visitor. Has someone created their idea of art in the form of graffiti, or let their dog foul the path near your gate? Or maybe someone has left something else less than ideal which could be picked up or washed away in seconds with a bucket of water?

This blog has focused on the elements to avoid in order to maximise curb appeal. In a following article, we’ll be looking at the nice touches that can make all the difference to making a great first impression.

As always, if you have any questions, feel free to get in touch.