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Interior touches that turn a house into a home

We all know that the human element aside, it’s the interior touches that turn a house into a home. Getting the interior of a home just right, can be a lifelong struggle. We start with a clear idea in mind, and either get distracted by life or take an unplanned turn into another idea.

Before we know it, our ideas of colours, fabrics and lighting, all working in perfect harmony, have become a veritable assault on the senses.

There are lots of colours of the moment which come along with the ebb and flow of fashion and design. However, as you’ll no doubt know, what looks good today can look remarkably dated tomorrow!

There’s also a big difference between liking a colour swatch or a tester patch and living with a whole room, or even a feature wall with it. Some colours simply become overwhelming, to both the eye and for everything else in the room.

It can be very similar when it comes to fabrics. What looks and feels good in a shop can be a very proposition to live with. Whether it’s seemingly instant wear and tear or a nightmare to clean, it’s all too easy to ‘invest’ in what we think will be a long-term accompaniment, only to rapidly find it a new home, well out of sight.

In talking to many homeowners regarding interior design, a regular theme is creating the right ambience. This isn’t only about colour, although ensuring the flow of colour throughout the home transitions to maximum effect is important. Lighting also plays a crucial factor in how we see the colours we’ve chosen so carefully and how they blend together.

The use of natural and indoor lighting plays an often-overlooked part in creating the look and feel that you’re looking for. Ensuring that you have the most appropriate curtains and blinds are vital to maximise your options to achieve your personal preferences.

Again, this is a case of what looks good in pictures or in a showroom can be less than ideal in the reality of your day to day life.

This is where experience is worth its weight in gold!

Parker Home doesn’t just build extensions and refurbish and renovation properties. We help and advise clients in numerous other ways, from bespoke kitchens, wetrooms and bathrooms, electrics and custom carpentry in the pursuit of perfection for our customers. And we don’t stop there.

Our interior design services will ensure that the fabric of your home, both inside and out, is exactly what you had in mind when your project first came to mind.

We know the pitfalls, the colours, paint and wallpaper pros and cons. We understand lighting dynamics, what flooring works in what settings, as well as what is great to live with and not just look great in the ‘Glossies’.

Whatever the look, feel and effect you’re looking for in your home, we can help turn your ideas, however nebulous they may feel, into a gorgeous reality.

For more information contact Debbie Lamond on 01284 386899 or info@