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Home Automation – Professional Installation is Everything

When it comes to home automation, the choice is now as plentiful as the options on many cars! Whether you’re a music lover, film buff, or just like having connected everything, there’s something for you. However, for the best experience, it isn’t just about shiny gadgetry. The hero, as in many a movie, stays hidden behind the scenes because, in the world of home automation, professional installation is everything.

The biggest single challenge with home automation is that all too often it can be an afterthought. When a home is refurbished, decorated and furniture is in place, we suddenly think of installing the tech. Because it’s wireless, right? It can go anywhere, can’t it?

That answer is it may be wireless, but the best solutions very often aren’t freestanding and are designed to be fitted. Which makes a lot of sense, not just to maximise the benefits of your investment, but if every device was standalone and taking up space, what would that do for the look and feel of your home?

One of the things that makes all this technology great is that they’re governed and managed by controllers and sensors. These are often in separate units from the main device. A simple example might be smart lighting. You have a sensor that is fitted to detect movement, as well as the lighting unit itself.

From automatically adjusting ambient lighting to home cinema and through to air conditioning and air purification, there’s a lot more going on that typically meets the eye. For example, a strip of LED lights has a tiny profile and can easily be hidden. But have you considered where the power pack and cabling will go? Again, if added as an afterthought, you’re likely to be left with something that catches your eye in a less than welcome way.

All this said then if your home is as you want it and you’re looking for home automation options, could you contemplate handing over the job of running wiring around your home to anyone other than an expert? The last thing anybody wants is to unpick a job that’s below the required standard, causing unnecessary mess, inconvenience, and of course cost.

The truth is that the best time to consider home automation options is as early as possible. Before walls are moved, removed, or installed and before the electrics have been finalised.

Whether you’re in the earliest of stages or your home is complete, Parker Home’s qualified electricians are happy to advise you on your options and what will work best for your requirements and in keeping with you and your home.

As ever, if you have any questions you can contact us on 01284 386899 or info@