Converting your conservatory into a sunroom

Do you have a room in your house that you rarely use because there are very few times when it’s comfortable to do so? Yes, we’re talking about conservatories! Often hothouses in the summer and draughty and cold in the winter, what should be a relaxing space, is anything but! With that in mind, have you considered converting your conservatory into a sunroom (or garden room)?

While not all conservatories are created equal, it’s rare to find one that’s at an optimal temperature all year round. Uncomfortably warm in the summer, they can also be incredibly expensive to heat in the winter, with most of the heat disappearing through the roof!

It can be a source of extreme annoyance to invest in what should be a lovely addition to your home, only to be disappointed. However, for a relatively modest investment, your unusable conservatory can be converted into a room fit for all seasons.

Of course, if you inherited a conservatory or have one that’s been in place for many years, replacement or enhancement may be something you’ve always intended.

One of the first questions we’re asked about converting a conservatory into a sunroom is regarding light and will the house be darker? In our experience, many south and south-west facing conservatories are fitted with blinds, which filter the sunlight. This means that the transition to a hard-roofed structure is less noticeable than moving from clear glass to roof tiles.

There are also numerous design features that can ensure that light is never in short supply (except at night!). Bi-fold or tri-fold doors can run the length of the sunroom, letting in large amounts of sunlight. It’s also possible to install a skylight or Velux windows which also make a difference.

The choice of décor can also be important when thinking about maximising light, along with the overall design of course. Vaulted ceilings enable light to bounce around the rooms and are a lovely way of making a real feature of the roof area, rather than the dead space you’re probably used to. A vaulted ceiling, or even just beams, also provide you with a vast range of lighting options.

You can have a lot of fun designing your lighting features to suit your lifestyle and also change it according to the occasion or mood! LED’s provide a great deal of flexibility, from location to brightness, and even to colour. And all controlled by a remote handset!

The benefits of converting your conservatory into a sunroom are simply too numerous to list in a short blog article. However, if you’d like more information or advice, please do contact us on 01284 386899 or You can also contact us here.