A Winning Team

As we recover from England’s better-than-expected World Cup challenge, we can’t help but be impressed by the power of teamwork and how well the young England team conducted themselves. What are the elements that come together to make a winning team?

Listening to both Gareth Southgate and the individual players speak in interviews before and after games, it was clear that it was about the team and not about a particular superstar player.

The same was true in both victory and defeat, where they demonstrated a bond and a maturity beyond their years.

It’s fair to say that this is a team with a great deal of potential for collective successes in the future.

It was in thinking about the importance of the team and how it works together than we stopped to consider Parker Home. Here, we truly believe that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

What do we mean by that?

Well, just like the England team, we have many talented individuals, all of whom have their unique strengths. One may lead the pack in plastering, where another may be a master craftsman when it comes to carpentry and joinery. Others are simply at a high level across multiple trades.

It’s in how they come together that makes Parker Home a winning team.

Everyone at Parker Home is like a member of the family. We know that in order for us to succeed, not only does each person need to play their part, but they need to support their colleagues in equal measure. No trade is more important than the other and whilst certain activities are left to those qualified to do them, if it’s trenches that need to be dug, everyone grabs a shovel when required.

And it goes beyond that. There’s a pride in our work and in the finished product – which is usually someone’s home – that ensures time and attention is given and that the quality is always of the highest standard.

This, combined with respect for our customer and their property, is what we believe makes Parker Home a winning team.

If you’d like to play your part at Parker Home, we’re currently seeking a General Builder/Multi-Trader to start with us as soon as possible.

You can see more details here, or you can call Debbie Lamond directly on 01284 386899 or email info@phihome.co.uk for more information.