Ever Considered a Garden Office or Annexe?

Have you ever considered a unique, standalone building in your garden? A garden office studio or a granny flat. Or even a self-contained pad for older, still at home children?

At Parker Home, we create bespoke structures based on your specific needs and requirements.

Garden Offices – Why now?

garden office granny annexe

There are several factors at play, one of which is that we recently built our own garden-based office. You may be thinking, so what?

Well, more than one person has looked at it and said, “wow, what a great space, I could live in this!”. Which got us thinking.

We’re well known for property renovations, home extensions and garage conversions. Yet, a couple of stories have come up repeatedly in the news recently and they really resonated with us and with friends of ours.

The first is that we’re heading into (if we’re not there already) an aging population crisis, where 18% of the UK populus is 65 and over. There’s also a shortage of care homes, whilst the cost of retirement care is quite something to behold.

At the other end of the scale, it’s clear that more and more children are staying at home (or returning home) while saving for deposits, or trying to build a financial cushion before going it alone. We’re also aware that whilst that may make financial sense, it may not make for the most harmonious of living arrangements. We all need our own space, after all!

Flexible Space

Persistent news articles aside, there’s also the increasing popularity and flexibility that comes with working from home. Combined with the number of small and micro-businesses which run from home, there’s a need for dedicated space, without taking over the house with work ‘stuff’.

We know lots of people that work from home but find they’re often working unsociable hours because the work environment follows them throughout the house. These people often say things such as, “if only I could close the door on it.” Which of course is what happens in the traditional environment where, theoretically at least, you leave the office and the work day ends.

Why not create a dedicated work space and reclaim your home? There’s also the added bonus that the investment of building your office is tax deductible as a business expense!

The reality is that it’s possible to create a space for all seasons. A young person’s studio today could be tomorrow’s annexe for an aging relative. Everything is possible when it comes to creating a comfortable unit, regardless of use.

Long gone are the days when garden buildings were glorified sheds!

Of course, depending on what you may need, planning permission may be required, but part of our service is advising and guiding you through that process.

If you’d like more information about the process for creating a garden office or new external space, please get in touch with Debbie Lamond at info@phihome.co.uk.