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Exterior Decoration – Getting It Right

When it comes to exterior decoration, a walk along the aisles of any large DIY store will provide a mind-boggling array of options for painting the outside of our homes. From brands, paint type, and colours, you could spend an entire day reading labels and still be none the wiser!

In our view, the paint type isn’t the most important factor. To achieve a long-lasting, professional finish, it’s all in the preparation.

While there can be issues that occur regardless of how much time is spent preparing for the first lick of paint, in our considerable experience, most of them come down to lack of thorough preparation.

The exterior paint finish can only be as good as the surface to which it’s applied. Therefore, if your surface is in poor condition, no paint can cover that up completely.

If you’re painting onto brick, you want to know that the brickwork isn’t holding moisture, because this will ruin your paintwork in short order. Brickwork that had cracks or is in generally poor condition (along with the mortar) is highly likely to have experienced water penetration that requires prolonged dry spells (and heat) to reduce moisture to acceptable levels.

In very old properties with very thick walls, this can be impossible to overcome without taking corrective action such as ensuring adequate ventilation or applying another finish, such as render, beforehand.

Heat can present its own problems when performing exterior decoration. Paint that’s applied to surfaces that are too hot is prone to blistering. Conversely, painting in conditions that are too cold will make it difficult to gain the required finish.

As you can see, exterior decoration is something that looks straightforward enough. However, to achieve both an aesthetically pleasing finish and one that will last for many years, exterior decoration is a job best left to the professionals.

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