Clever storage ideas for the kitchen and other rooms in the home

Any homeowners will know that having adequate and well- designed storage can make a big difference to the space you live in.

When planning a building project – be it a new kitchen, a garage conversion or extension – it makes sense to think about how you can integrate clever storage features. Speak to the designer or builder about how this can be achieved – it is something they should be doing as a matter of course and is normally a service that is offered free of charge.

A quick search on the internet will reveal many wonderful examples of how a well-thought out storage space can be incorporated into a home to reduce clutter and enhance the look of a home. Here’s some of our favourites:

kitchenKitchen storage

The kitchen is probably the most-used room in the house, and consequently, it’s the place where people require more storage than anywhere else.  A good kitchen designer should be able to come up with a few ingenious ideas that make good use of space and incorporate plenty of hidden storage.

Ideas include sliding shelves that can be used to make a pocket pantry or shelves built in recesses to make places like doorways both attractive and useful.

under stairsUnder the stairs

With a bit of imagination, the space under your stairs can be transformed from dead space into a stylish location for storing all manner of items.

The diagonal line of the stairs creates an interesting triangular shape to fit cupboards and shelves, create a snug for reading with lounger and bookcases, or fix hooks to store your bikes.

laundry roomLaundry and boot rooms

It is quite common for people who have an extension built to include a laundry and boot room into their plans. A well thought-through space can provide room for washing machines and clothes dryers, as well as plenty of storage for coats, boots, towels and other items. And with the right design they can have a cosy look and feel – just what you want when returning from a winter’s walk.

ClosetTransforming closets

Sometimes, creating a clever storage area does not require a lot of building work, rather it might just be a question of thinking outside the box.  For instance, we love these examples of how a closet has been turned into a recessed storage space or boot room area simply by removing the door and incorporating tasteful decoration.

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