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Asbestos and Reinstatement of Ceilings

This is an unusual topic, we’ll grant you! However, if you’ve ever had an internal wall taken down, damp or rot issues, or asbestos removed from your property, this may be all too familiar. And you’ll also know that the reinstatement of ceilings and the subsequent redecoration can come as an unexpected shock to your budget.

Cost aside, it’s worth keeping in mind that many homes have ceilings that are decorated using Artex. Love it or hate it, Artex has had an enduring appeal as it is very useful for covering imperfections on walls and ceilings, as well as giving the option for a creative finish. We sometimes think that there are still as many people adding it to their homes as there are people getting rid of it!

On a more serious note, if you have a home built or underwent refurbishment before the year 2000, it’s likely that any Artex may contain asbestos. As you know, asbestos poses a significant health risk and is known to cause death through the development of diseases such as lung cancer. However, despite this very real risk to health, most people don’t know about the potential presence of asbestos in their homes. We also wrote about DIY and asbestos in a previous blog which you may find useful.

The good news is that left undisturbed, Artex, and its various components are considered harmless. Unfortunately, when the condition of the ceiling and its Artex covering deteriorates or is disturbed, this situation changes.

Imagine for a moment what pulling down a ceiling looks like in practice. There’s an immense amount of dust and particles released into the air, which will find its way into your lungs without adequate protection.

Dust from plasterboard, paint, and insulation materials, whilst far from ideal to breathe in, are more unpleasant than hazardous to long-term health. The often-overlooked danger comes from the Artex that lies between the paint and the boards. As the covering is broken up, so it releases dust particles. Some of this we can see, but much of it is microscopic, and as we’ve said, this is where appropriate protective precautions are essential.

Remember that just because it seems OK at the time, you may be overlooking the long-term effects of exposure to asbestos.

Parker Home is licensed under The Removal of Asbestos Regulations 2012. As part of our work both in general home renovations and in asbestos removal, we have the necessary tools and equipment to safely deal with both asbestos removal and the reinstatement of ceilings and other affected areas.

If in doubt as to whether there is asbestos in the Artex within your home, we’ll be happy to advise. A quick phone call is all it takes to avoid a potentially serious long-term problem.

Parker Home can be contacted on 01284 386899 or at info@