Why installing a wetroom is a great investment

We know that a great many people like the idea of installing a wetroom in their home, but when it comes to making a much-needed change to a tired bathroom, it’s very common to opt for a like for like replacement, albeit an updated one. At Parker Home, we believe installing a wetroom is a great investment, providing it’s done properly!

When it comes to making home improvements, it’s all too easy, amongst the various pressures of modern life, to simply stick with what we know. And what do we know? What we’ve always had and that’s one of the reasons why bathrooms have stayed largely the same, regardless of the changing needs of the population.

In many households, bathrooms are updated, and baths replaced on autopilot, even though the bathtub is the least used item in the home! Unless you have small children, who love some splishy splashy bath time with Matey Bubbles (do they still sell that?), most of us will opt for a shower over and above a proper bath every time.

There’s the water saving, it’s more hygienic to shower, and probably most important these days, it’s just so much quicker. You can be in and out of the shower and dressed before a bath has finished filling!

An example of why installing a wetroom can be such a great investment is when considers aging and the need to have easy access to shower facilities. Garage conversions provide the ideal opportunity to install a ground floor wetroom, giving plenty of space for every eventuality. While we may not wish to think about it now, having the space for mobility aids is crucial to maintaining independence in one’s own home.

Of course, a wetroom isn’t just a consideration for future needs. For the sporty or adventurous who come home muddy, a ground floor wetroom is an ideal option to get cleaned up, rather than tracking mud through the house. And that’s before we get to kids!

The same can be said of dog owners who take their pooches off the beaten track. There’s nothing worse than having a wet and muddy canine friend stinking up the kitchen for the day. Having easy access to the wetroom provides the ideal opportunity to give Rover a hose down and drying before they enter the main house.

Your carpets, and no doubt your nose, will thank you for it!

If installing a wetroom has crossed your mind and been considered ‘too difficult’ or overly expensive, we’d urge you to think again.

For more information on replacing bathrooms, garage conversions, and of course, installing a wetroom, feel free to get in touch and we’ll be happy to help.