The Season of Transformations

With Winter receding and Spring upon us, the coming weeks and months see huge transformations. Trees are in bud, many a garden or open space is awash with daffodils and we’re treated to an array of fresh light and colours.

As the sun shines ever brighter, it also has a habit of focusing a spotlight on some of the less attractive elements of our properties! Maybe this is why traditionally, Spring has seen a surge in DIY and building projects both inside and outside the home.

As we’ve said in previous articles, if you’re considering a large project, such as a house extension or loft conversion, it’s time to get your skates on. Finding the right builder, getting (and understanding) pricing and getting the various parties scheduled, all takes time. And that’s before getting into planning permission requirements!

There’s also the aspect of giving yourself the best opportunity in terms of the weather. If you’re going to be removing all or part of your roof, you’ll want to avoid as many heavy downpours as possible! Not only from keeping your home watertight perspective but also in terms of timeframes. Workers simply can’t be up on roofs in driving wind and rain.

The other area where we see lots of activity is in garage conversions. Making use of glorified storage space (or junk room), and turning it into a highly usable area of your home is an ideal way to gain more living space. To do so without increasing the footprint of your property and eating into the garden, for example, is another reason why a garage conversion is an increasingly attractive option.

Whatever the type of transformations you’re considering this Spring and Summer, it’s time to take action. Many reputable and reliable builders will be booked up already, especially for external renovations. So, if you have some dates in mind that work for you, now’s the time to make that call!

If we can help, even if it’s to point you in the right direction, we’d love to hear from you.