staying warm

Staying warm this winter

Following on from an earlier blog about staying warm this winter, we thought we’d add a few more ideas.

A thought struck us recently, having posted about smart looking radiators and ensuring they’re up to the job. Most people automatically replace like for like. Regardless of appearances, we tend to swap a radiator for a radiator.

Yet, there’s a viable alternative that’s been around for thousands of years: Underfloor heating.

It’s been around since before Roman times, but underfloor heating is usually overlooked in our quest to stay warm. Even when house extensions or kitchen extensions are added, they often don’t enter our thoughts.

Instead, we usually opt to replace ugly old rads with trendier versions.

If you’re starting from a blank canvas, why not investigate an alternative to taking up valuable wall space? There are usually two types worthy of consideration. Both hot water and electric systems are surprisingly efficient, whilst giving you enhanced heat distribution. You also have the added bonus of warm tootsies, even in bare feet!

More tips for staying warm

When consider other ways to stay warm this winter, here are some of our other suggestions:


These are just some of the options to help you stay warm this winter. If you have any questions or you’d like to know more about how we can help you improve your home, feel free to get in touch.