Reliable Builders and Quotes – Are you comparing like for like?

When you’re looking for reliable builders to work on the prized asset that is your home, you want the best builder and contractors you can get. You’ll also want to ensure that you’re paying a fair price! Which brings us on to builders and their quotes.

Tracking down a reputable builder, especially at short notice, can be tricky enough. However, it’s when it comes to quotes and pricing that the challenge really begins!

Firstly, no two builders will quote you in exactly the same way unless you supply them with a template. And you can’t supply a detailed template unless you’re a builder or know exactly what needs to be done…

Some builders will quote based on estimated time spent on the project and bill for the materials at cost price. Others will do similar and add a slight uplift, or margin for error or changes.

While some contractors will go into exacting detail about what the job entails and break it out line by line, others will have an extremely broad-brush approach.

As reliable builders ourselves, Parker Home experiences similar frustration to our prospective customers in this regard. We will give a breakdown of costs so that you can add or take away, dependent upon your budget.

What we often see is a customer receiving a much lower quote than ours, which on the face of it looks the same. Invariably though, it isn’t comparing apples with apples.

So, the question is, why?

Reasons for vastly different quotes

In our opinion, there two key reasons for receiving quotes that are poles apart. The first is that the customer has given non-identical briefs to the suppliers. This is easily done. All it takes is for a builder to offer an opinion and ask if you’d like a price for that. In this case, this supplier’s quote will immediately differ from those that have gone before.

Secondly, while we will have included all elements of the project, many builders will only quote the main elements. This makes their quote look extremely competitive and can make other bidders look very expensive.

What actually happens, is that lots of ‘extras’ are added over time. Things you thought were included, suddenly weren’t, and before you know it, the price is inflating like a hot air balloon!

You’ll refer back to the original quote and sure enough, the detail won’t be there. Worst of all, some of these ‘extras’ may run into hundred or even thousands of pounds, once labour and materials have been combined. It’s misleading at best, and can be an extremely costly and stressful experience. This isn’t something you should ever expect of experienced and reliable builders.

Beware of cheap quotes

Just to be clear, at Parker Home, we don’t expect to be ‘cheap’. We don’t do anything ‘on the cheap’. It’s not our way, because we take immense pride in what we do, and we want to provide the standard of finish that will last for decades to come. We use the best materials available to us and the highest quality craftsmen.

What we do expect though, is to provide our customers with clarity from start to finish. It starts with gathering initial information and flows through to our details quoting and pricing structures. We then work with our clients to keep them informed every step of the way and providing guidance where necessary.

We’re experts in project management, planning permission and building regulations. We’re also one of the few small construction firms that have the same level of health and safety certifications as the big construction corporations.

With Parker Home, you’re in safe hands.

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