Quality that lasts a lifetime

When you come to Parker Home, you’re looking for a premium product. In fact, any time you look to upper-tier brands, from cars to handbags to houses, you’re going to expect the best, and rightly so. You’ll want everything to be ‘just so’, with certain touches you just don’t get with run-of-the-mill goods.

And so it is with Parker Home. Yet, we believe it goes further than that. It goes far beyond the instant curb appeal and the wow factor. For us, that comes as standard. Part of the package, you might say.

With a Parker Home, you’re getting a quality home that will last a lifetime. As Sir Frederick Henry Royce, co-founder of Rolls-Royce, famously said,

“Quality will remain, long after the price is forgotten.”

This we believe whole heartedly to be true. For example, at Parker Home, we use the best materials, which are built to last. Our experienced craftsmen are dedicated to delivering bespoke designs as close to perfection as possible on every project.

We will not cut corners or deliver a just good enough build or extension. That is not our forte and we would rather politely decline that deliver less than the very best job we can do.

When we’re asked to provide a quotation, we’ll give a detailed and exacting breakdown of what, why and by when. You’ll always be able to get someone cheaper, of that we’re certain. The challenge is getting what you want, done properly.

There is no more expensive way to do a job than to have to undo the first attempt and to do it properly that second time around. Alas, that is something we are called upon to do all too often.

At Parker Home, quality is everything and we believe that if a job’s worth doing, it’s worth doing properly, or not at all.