Property Renovation – Take your builder!

If you’re considering purchasing a property for renovation, it will highly beneficial to engage your builder early in the process. In fact, we’d advise that where possible, you take your builder to see the property before finalising an offer. Property renovation is usually an expensive business. We can help you to prevent moderate costs becoming eye-watering!

Far too many owners of renovation projects only engage in serious conversations with their builder once they already own the property. This is largely because of a reliance on a valuation survey or similar as the ‘catch all’ report. And there are often many other opinions thrown into the mix, not all of them qualified. If you’ve ever renovated property you probably know what we mean!

It’s easy to become blasé about work required to a house needing total refurbishment. Everything begins to fall under the heading of ‘it needs doing anyway’ and before you know where you are, there’s a list of changes, replacements, and fixes far greater than anticipated. With costs to match!

An experienced and reliable builder can advise you from top to bottom. Whether it’s a basement or a roof, electrics or plumbing, we can help you to avoid serious and costly mistakes, whilst keeping you informed of likely budget requirements.

Of course, even the most experienced builder cannot see through walls! The fact is that some things will only be revealed once coverings are removed. All too often, there are surprises that are impossible to predict. Having said that, an experienced builder will know what to do once problems arise and what it means in terms of time and money.

Fixing problems properly, whilst increasing costs now, prevents the need to not only revisit the problem later but the need to undo some of your good work to get to it. Now that is an expensive way to do it!

The team at Parker Home has in-depth experience of renovating and refurbishing houses from period homes through to more recently constructed houses. We’ll be happy to help should you have any questions about a forthcoming project.

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