Preparing your home for your future old age

One of our biggest fears as we grow older is about being able to retain our independence. A huge part of keeping independent is being able to live in our own homes. Thoughts of a care home can be one’s worst nightmare, for numerous reasons, including sky-high costs. With that in mind, we’re going to take a look at a few things you can do when it comes to preparing your home for your future old age.

Mobility is one of the greatest challenges as we age, and there are many things we can do to help ourselves well in advance. The fact is when you find it hard to get up, bend down, or to do any kind of stretching, just about everything can seem to be in the wrong place!

When it comes to electrical sockets, many are still to be found at a level just above the skirting boards, often tucked into corners.

There’s a tendency to make copious use of extension leads as a solution. This can literally be an accident waiting to happen. Cables snaking across the ground, which can cause serious falls, are the most obvious danger. However, there is also a tendency to overload extension blocks.

With electrical faults being the major cause of house fires, this is a simple problem to address.

Just because electrical sockets were positioned in a particular place originally, it doesn’t prevent them being moved. Sockets can be repositioned, and new electrical outlets can be added by a qualified electrician. The same is true of light switches.

In fact, by fitting sensor-based lighting, it’s possible to never have to worry about traditional switches at all. Sensor-lighting is also an ideal solution for night lights, where they illuminate when they detect movement. This means an end to fumbling in the dark in search of the switch.

Another danger point can be standing on stools, chairs, or stepladders to change lightbulbs. Switching from traditional lightbulbs to the latest generation of LED bulbs could mean going 15 years between bulb replacements!

Power poles in kitchen worktops can remove the need for extensions and adaptors, which enabling you to have your appliances where it’s convenient, rather than being driven by socket location. A qualified electrician can easily install new power configurations, whilst ensuring your safety. This is especially true when using a frame or a wheelchair as you’re able to avoid overreaching to poorly placed outlets.

In kitchens, adjustable worktops can be fitted so that it’s possible to sit whilst preparing food or making a cuppa.

There are a great many things you can do to prepare your home for your future old age and it’s never too earlier to start to think ahead.

We’ll be covering additional recommendations in future articles, and if you have any questions about lighting, sockets, or anything electrical, our qualified electricians will be more than happy to help you.