Managing Property Renovation Projects – The devil is in the detail

Managing Property Renovation Projects

One could be forgiven for thinking that with all the technology surrounding us these days, managing a multitude of tasks would be child’s play. However, as we know all too well, the devil is in the detail. For us, this is never truer than when it comes to managing property renovation projects.

Fortunately, we have experience on our side. Which means you have our years of experience on your side too!

Serving Suffolk, Cambridgeshire and the surrounding area, we’ve been in the construction business for over 30 years now. It’s fair to say that during this time there isn’t much that we haven’t seen. This carries the additional benefit of helping us to know what to expect, what can go wrong and how to mitigate against many challenges before they arise.


In amongst all this is something just as important and often overlooked: Communication.

Communication isn’t just about passing on good news or keeping a client updated. Although thankfully, and in no small part due the above-mentioned experience, most client communications are extremely positive.

Sometimes things are not as we’d all wish them to be. For example, something is lurking behind wall tiles, or under floors that had given no indication as to its presence. It may mean additional work, which of course means additional cost. Contrary to popular belief, we’re no happier about this than you are. It’s in this type of situation that our great communication skills, industry experience and project management team, comes to the fore.

Unlike many companies in the building trade, we pride ourselves on the honest and open manner in which we conduct business. For us, the perfect finish to your home extension, or bespoke kitchen, is a given. And while that may go some way to setting Parker Home apart from our competitors, we believe it’s our honest communication that really sets us above the rest.