The Kitchen Fitness Test

A chain is only as strong as its weakest link. An old but true statement! And when we think about it, examples are everywhere, in life, sport, engineering and of course, in our homes.

At Parker Home, we build things for a living, so we know all about detailed designs, strong foundations and all elements being fit for purpose.

Part of our remit is to ensure quality, including seeking out and fixing any perceived weaknesses. It’s what sets a craftsman apart from an also ran.

It’s also one of the reasons why we are often asked by well-known kitchen suppliers, such as Wren, to fit their kitchens.

When you think about it, kitchens usually arrive flat-packed in component parts or in sections. There are hundreds of parts, sometimes thousands.

At that point, it’s difficult to image the beautiful designer kitchen it will become. And yet, in the hands of a skilled fitter, those component parts become assembled units, fitted appliances and an array of up to the minute gadgetry.

From chrome to granite, to brushed steel to all white designs, there’s something about a brand-new designer kitchen installation that takes our breath away. It’s almost too good to use!

As with many things though, the devil is in the detail. Most people would never know from looking at a kitchen, whether it has been well fitted or not. Of course, there are the obvious signs such as less than perfectly aligned doors, but much of the detail in a kitchen lies beneath the surface.

Have the units been built correctly? Did they follow the manufacturer’s detailed instructions, or rely on past experience?

These are just some of the elements that will determine whether you’ll be happy with your kitchen in the weeks and months to come.

Did you know that when you buy a new retail kitchen, you can choose who fits it for you?

The downside of using the showroom or retailer’s fitters, is that they are likely to be on a fixed-price contract. In practice, this means that the fitters will get in and out as quickly as possible to ensure they make a profit. And while this makes good business sense, it can lead to cutting corners and ultimately not the kitchen you had hoped for. I am sure we have all heard of horror stories of disastrous kitchens. With kitchen fitters you know, you can go and inspect their kitchens and talk to previous customers, so you know what to expect.

At Parker Home, we’ve built our business and our reputation around quality. While we make every effort to ensure things are perfect first time, every time, if there’s something that requires further attention, we’re only a phone call away.