ready for christmas

Is your home ready for Christmas?

We know, you don’t even want to think about it yet, but did you know it’s already less than 4 months until we celebrate another festive season? And at the time of writing, it’s only 113 days away! If like many of us, you enjoy hosting a large family gathering at Christmas, you may also have made grand plans to enhance your space to make the most of these events. So, is your home ready for Christmas in the way that you’d like?

The reason for mentioning Christmas at such an unseemly time of year is that if you’re thinking of expanding through a garage conversion or via a home extension, time is already very tight! In fact, by the time we’ve scoped your project, we might just be able to break ground before the elves are in full flight and loading Santa’s sleigh!

Earlier in the year we spoke about how most reputable builders are booked up well in advance and for the team here at Parker Home, nothing has changed! With that in mind, if you’re considering changes before the end of this year, don’t delay in getting in touch.

Home renovations take planning and consideration and it’s never too early to have an initial conversation and to get pencilled into the calendar. Before we know it, we’ll be coming out of Winter and into Spring, and you’ll have missed a golden opportunity to make the most of your home for Christmas.

Of course, it isn’t just major renovations that spring to mind ahead of Autumn and Winter. Now is the perfect time to make changes to heating systems, replace inefficient boilers and install luxury touches such as underfloor heating.

For the outside of your home, ensuring your lighting is up to the task of illuminating your home in the long and dark Winter nights is a job best done in advance.

Wouldn’t it be lovely to give your home a new look and feel for Christmas?

For more information, and to check on start date availability, please contact us here or by calling 01284 386899.