How to tell if an internal wall is safe to remove?

For some time now there has been a trend towards open plan living, inspiring homeowners to remove internal walls to create bigger living spaces.

Removing internal walls- proceed with caution

This can bring a number of benefits including making your home feel light and airy, and allowing all the family to come together to enjoy the same space.

But if you are considering removing any internal walls you should proceed with caution because a wall may not just be there to create a barrier or a room, it may also be load bearing and critical to supporting the structure of the building.

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Avoid a calamity

If you are planning on doing substantial work on the walls of your house, it is important to know if they are load-bearing or not before you get going.

If in any doubt, we advise you check with a structural engineer or an experienced builder because failure to identify a load-bearing wall could result in a costly calamity.

Load-bearing or non load-bearing

There are some general rules to help distinguish between load-bearing and non load-bearing walls.

For instance, the material from which the wall is made of may be a good indicator – typically load-bearing walls are made of bricks or blocks while a stud or partition wall, be it plasterboard or lath and plaster, is seldom load-bearing. But there are exceptions to this – a stud wall may still help strengthen the structure of a building although it may not be technically load-bearing.

Ascertaining whether the wall supports floor joists or roof braces is another way to find out whether it is load-bearing or not.

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If in doubt, ask a structural engineer

If in any doubt whatsoever, we recommend you ask a structural engineer, such as those who work for us. Here at Parker Home we are experts in this type of assessment and have many years of experience in creating open plan living spaces – meaning customers can rest assured that their renovation can proceed without any hitches.

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