Do you really want cheap?

If you spend much time on social media, or on local groups (as many of us do these days), you may have noticed how requests for recommendations come with a certain prefix: Cheap.

For example; Can anyone recommend a cheap window cleaner? Can anyone recommend a cheap plasterer? The list goes on.

This always throws up questions in our mind:

  • Which is more important, the perceived saving, or the quality of the job?
  • How much of a perceived saving is worth risking a poor outcome?
  • How would someone do a job at half the going rate?
  • How does this affect quality?
  • Why is someone who is so cheap, also available?
  • What recourse is available if things don’t work out as expected?

There’s a saying, buy cheap, buy twice. If you’re talking commodity items such as household consumables or gadgets, that’s probably true.

When it comes to building works, there are a number of reasons why you really don’t want ‘cheap’.

Firstly, there is the cost of skilled labour to consider. Per the last question above, if someone is available and at a low rate, how qualified are they? More importantly, do you want them working on your home?

The next element to consider is materials. At Parker Home, we’ll always use the most appropriate materials for the job. Buying cheap here inevitably proves a costly mistake in the long run.

Now let’s consider time. If we tell you a job will take 3 weeks, it will take 3 weeks unless there are unforeseen circumstances. For instance, we can’t see through walls or floors! We have a team of experienced and skilled trades people and as part of our pricing process, we will be able to accurately estimate the time required.

If you compare this to a ‘one man band’ type of firm, they may have lower fixed overheads, which enables a lower initial quote. However, they will also have less manpower on hand, which in turn is likely to mean the project will take much longer to complete.

It doesn’t matter how great a builder is, or how nice they are, you’ll want to get your home and property back as soon as possible. We don’t take it personally!

The most serious implications on seeking out the cheapest quote is in cutting corners. With building work, the serious business is often done in places that you can’t see once the job progresses or is completed. For example, you can’t see how the pipework for your home extension has been handled once the floor is laid, or how professionally the electric cabling has been connected once the walls and ceilings are boarded.

If anything goes wrong in these areas, it can be catastrophic for both your home and your finances. Faulty wiring can result in a fire, while poorly connected pipes can lead to your home being flooded.

As you can see, neither example is a simple case of replacing a faulty part.

At Parker Home, we believe it’s better to do a job properly once. This means the right people, with the right skills, using the appropriate materials, whilst keeping you and your property safe in the process.

There is little point in having a great finish if what lurks beneath is a mess.

There have been several times recently where, in order to complete a project, we’ve first had to remedy shoddy workmanship from a previous job. This adds time, complexity, and of course cost, which is unlikely to have been budgeted for!

With Parker Home, our transparent processes, from quote to project completion, combined with our commitment to quality and safety, ensures that you and your home are in the safest of hands.