Budgeting for Your House Extension or Renovations

When it comes to planning a house extension or renovation of your home, it’s important to begin with eyes wide open. We’re all for dreams and aspirations and we’re right there with you when it comes to pushing the boundaries of what’s possible.

In the majority of cases, it isn’t a lack of expertise that will get in the way of grand plans and ideas for your house extension, garage conversion or property renovation. It’s things like planning permission and the delicate matter of budget.

At Parker Home, we begin on the basis that all things are technically possible. However, there are planning rules, building regulations and sound practical advice, which may mean changing your designs.

For example, any change which requires too large an extension to the existing property, blocks views and/or light from your neighbour or encroaches in their privacy (or perception thereof) can mean falling foul of planning permission.

Permissions and regulations aside, sometimes we’ll advise against certain things, based on our in-depth experience of design, building and construction. Sometimes what seems like a great idea in theory, is anything but in practice.

Your Budget

Then there’s the budget element. The simple fact is that high quality materials, along with professional trades people and craftsmen, costs money. Whilst this is an obvious statement, most people that have home extensions or extensive renovations will massively underestimate the costs.

We don’t view this as the fault of the homeowner. Or anyone who doesn’t have an intimate working knowledge of what’s involved with renovations, refurbishments and home improvements. We’ve all been fed a diet of simplicity and low costs through a variety of television programmes and media for years.

How many times have we heard TV presenter Kirsty Allsopp talk about knocking walls down on property programmes such as Location, Location, Location?

Yet, it’s rarely as simply as putting hammer through a wall, even if it’s a stud partition. What about electrics and plumbing? And that’s before we get to ‘making good’ on decoration and flooring.

When it comes to making any structural change to a property, there’s an extensive list of considerations, most of which come with a price tag.

We’ve seen homeowners leave themselves short on too many occasions to count and it’s completely avoidable. All it takes is a straightforward conversation with a reliable builder or contractor at the start of your consideration process.