Are you an empty nester?

Are you like thousands of others who suddenly look around and realise that it’s just you and your partner left in the house?

The children have grown up, maybe they’ve been long gone and whilst you’re now the regular hosts for Sunday lunches, your off-spring now have their own lives, careers, families and responsibilities.

It’s great to have all that space to accommodate them when they stop over isn’t it? Yet, for the most part, they are empty rooms upstairs and more space that you know what to do with downstairs.

It can come as a shock to realise that you’re an ‘empty nester’, but the other hand, you might be thinking that now’s the time when you’d really like to have your home exactly how you’ve always wanted it.

It’s always needed to be like this or like that for various reasons in the past, but now it’s just you, why not make it exactly as you want it to be?

You’ve spent a great deal of time tending to the needs of your brood, and in many ways, that will continue for a long time yet. It’ll just be different.

If you’ve ever thought of making some changes ‘when the kids are bigger’ but never gotten around to it, why not now?

As strange as it may sound to hear the words, why not? Why not now, because it really is just about you?!

Maybe you’ve never given it much thought up until now, but why not think about making some tweaks or even some radical changes? Those things you’ve put up with? Let them be gone.

That room that was always just a bit too small to do anything with? Knock it through!

And the conservatory that’s either too hot, too cold or too drafty? That sounds like the ideal site for a beautiful oak extension. All the beauty of natural materials, combined with the latest innovation in materials to keep you warm or cool, dependent upon the seasons.

From aesthetic changes to major renovations, wet rooms or planning for future accessibility needs, Parker Home can help.

We’ve been in the business of creating high quality homes to exacting standards for a great many years and our job is to deliver to you exactly what you want with a minimum of fuss and bother.